Les Gets , Away ...

 Les Gets , Away ... 

After all the plans, disruption and some disappointment that 2020 has presented, we thought we deserved a break. As soon as the air bridges opened we booked a self catered apartment, packed up the van and headed to outdoor playground that is Les Gets.

With hundreds of KM's of trails, an open water swimming lake and plenty of adventure to keep everyone entertained.  

Annoyingly the disruption continued and even though we have remained in our family bubble the air bridge closed and we have returned from France into quarantine, but with some amazing family memories.

We 💗 Les Gets


Coast to coast 2019 the bikes made it, bodies and minds followed later on.

Wobbly helmet waspy did an amazing job organising 6 idiots on bikes around the norf of England. 

What time is it?

MudSweatGears RD8 Phoenix 2019 and Overall Series

MudSweatGears RD8 Phoenix 2019


Alison - 2nd 

Nate - 13th 

Craig - 4th 

MSG Overall: Series results discounting 2 worst round results.. 

Alison 1st place in the Sport Women 2nd year in a row 

Nate - 13th not bad for the 1st year in U12's 

Craig - 2nd ;) 

Big Bike Bash 2019

Big Bike Bash 2019
Commentary by Nathan 
Another amazing Bank holiday weekend: 
 BBB was SO FUN! it was an amazing experience (as always) here's Lily (my sister), #Red tongue!
 Here's me turning round a corner in my race (I know, boring) BUT... I threw up in that race and couldn't win it...>:( (I was leading from the start)
 I'm throwing up somewhere in this picture. >:(
 here's me in my bike race again... I'M SO MAD I LOST THAT RACE BECAUSE I THREW UP!!!!!!!!!!! >:( x infinity
 #SERIOUS FACE!!!!!!*background rock music*
 Flying? Whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????? Does my sister secretly have mutant powers?
Nan and Pops having fun