MudSweatGears Rd2 Phoenix Bike Park 2017

MudSweatGears Rd2 Phoenix Bike park 2017

The van was packed up ready for action, cheeky BMX for Nate and pump track action.

Pre-race feed zone!

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We had Baldy Keith on the team bus this time and he was able to sight the A-Lines with Alison on the practise lap which helped immensely.

Both Nate a Alison had bad starts placing them back in the pack with work to do.Nate paced himself and pulled back to 5th place. Alison completed the A-lines as practised and completed race duration having stepped up to Sport Female cat this year. 

Short course and with the disappointment of round1 @Lee Valley I was not gridded. This placed me on the 4th row back (8 across per row!) this was going to be a tough ask. I had a target to gain back as many place's as physically possible on the first 3rd of the lap. With two long straight sections I managed to claw back back the places into the top 10 - haven't seen the heart rate stats yet but I'm guessing it could be a new record.. This paid off and I managed to keep the pace for the 8 laps and collect my first ever podium in the VET's. 

Mucking around in Mardley

So lucky to have this playground on the doorstep. Mardley Woods album

Trying out new cycling jerseys, also good for climbing! 

Alison worked on body position and the steep drop that has been her nemesis. 

Nathan conquered the Loch Ness Monster and finished it off with a jump. 

He has been practising back-flips on the trampoline!

Lily peddled her legs off trying to keep up with them both.

BrassMonkey Winter Series 2016/17 - last round

BBC weather delivered on point, its a real shame that rain came in sustained and heavy before the event. 

Some of the sections would have been more suited to building sandcastles and became very testing under the circumstances.

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Roots and Rain
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Tubeless - not ready

After the MSG disappointment I decided to make the investment and purchase some new rubber and go for protection/tubeless for myself and Ali.

After the usual tubeless preparation of cleaning the rims and applying the sealing tape i was feeling good.. until the frustration vs. exhaustion of trying to inflate and seal the tyres got to me. I gave up and used a canister.

Then ...

I found this: how-to-make-a-tubeless-inflator from bikeradar and its works! 4x tyres on rims and sealed 

Mud Sweat Gears Lee Valley VeloPark 2017 - no air!

MSG Rd 1 did not go to plan for Alison and myself, both falling victim to rear punctures. 

It was Alison's first ride on the new wheels and so far so good.

The highlight of the day was Nate getting the holeshot into the first and holding it for as long as his legs and lungs could manage.

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