SouthernXC Crow Hill Regional Champs 2017

Timing the May Bank holiday with a trip to the see the family, seaside and the SouthernXC regional champs!

Slightly different format to our usual MSG routine saw us arrive and get setup. With the help of the folks we finally managed to get in a practice lap together. The plan was to follow the first race out of the gates and sight any tricky sections baggies and all ..

Race time and Nate was first up with a great course with off camber, fast downhill, uphill switchbacks and a grassy start/finish loop. 

'Alisconsistent' was next in the sport cat. with some very tricky sections and sooo many roots to keep you focused. With 3 laps completed and the weather on the change she came in wanting to do another lap!


Last was the vets, the pre-race warm up was in a deluge and with thunder and lightning forecast we were warned of a potential race black flag. The grid littered pro's and national riders this was going to be character building race for me. The lightning didn't materialise but the course felt the effects of the downpour making the root sections even more interesting. 
All in all a great day out and well organised SouthernXC event. 

Roots and Rain
Event photo's
Event photo's (Mine)

Did I mention Ringo's and Ski bobs...

MudSweatGears Rd4 Carver Barracks Regional Champs 2017

The Eastern Regional Champs...
Nate and Lils posing for the camera!

Tough day at the races with the course sticky in places and with enough twists and tech to keep you very focused.
Alison started the day off getting stronger as race progressed on admittedly her least favourite course. 5th in the region
Nate was next up, testing his new air forks out with power wheelie practice in between the coaching sessions. Not much tech in his race but a strong ride and 6th place.
Last race of the day and I lined up on the front row hoping for a solid start. I got this going into the single-track in the front bunch. Hitting all the A-Lines tucking down into time trial mode on the flats i managed to finish the race in 6th place. 

Roots and Rain 


Mardley Sessions

Stealing the name from GMBN we had another family progression session in Mardley woods..

Lils tackling the dirt jump...
 Alison hitting the kicker...
Nate clearing the gap...

Next week the Mud Sweat and Gears regional champs