National XC Championships Cannock Chase

We're gonna need a bigger van... 
What a weekend! Travelling to Cannock Chase with Keith and the family for our first taste of National XC Championships. We arrived Saturday afternoon and the plan was to setup camp and get Keith/Ali out on course for practice in their open races @14:30. After playing tent peg roulette we realised the extent of the vast concrete hard standing that was covered with grass and general forest and finally pitched up on a sunny section not too far away from the main arena.
Keith and Ali returned slightly shocked and blooded, this wasn't a good sign! the A-lines were really tough and the B-lines also required full focus to complete. 
With 3 laps Keith was first up: runandridehednesford/videos/ and Ali in hot pursuit with two laps.
Open men on the line sprint finish with lunge! Result 23rd more blood/bruises..
Open ladies with Alison on the podium.. 

Nate on the 2nd row of the grid for the Under8's. with some fiercely competitive parents!
Storming ride to 2nd place on the first lap and then after being caught up in the inevitable traffic finishing in 5th place, well done!
I decided to make use of the free practice time and unfortunately had a complete mojo meltdown, crashing on all the A-lines and putting the bike away in the van before something silly happened... After the evening meal we had a family walk around the woods and I was able walk the rock garden and correct the poor line choices I had made in practice.
Then the weather came! From dry and sunny to sustained rain all night. Resulting in a lack of sleep and an even more challenging course. I was lapped by the top 3 in the vets and thankfully was only able to complete 5 of the 6 laps. B-lines for the two drop off's but successfully completed the rock garden every lap getting some of my mojo back finishing in 26th place.

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MudSweatGears Rd6 Hintlesham Farm 2017

Returning to Hintlesham Farm this year in the summer was a much more pleasant experience. The picturesque venue with rolling farmland and woods and lakes, ample parking close to the arena and the under 9's coaching/race course adjacent to the main race was perfect for keeping everyone happy, entertained and encouraged.

Alison started things off with a panic/quick wheel change due to leaking tubeless tyre! Returning from the practice lap happy with one A/B line, fast downhill and character building climbs.

This resulted in Alison jumping on the 2 step of the podium for the first time this year.

Nathan was next up. The coaching sessions practising skills on the course and the inclusion of an A/B line to keep everyone progressing. His race didn't quite to plan and he was caught if traffic in a couple of the technical sections.

After Alison collected her prize, Keith (lady legs) and myself (noodle legs) headed out on the practise lap to test the course. We lined up on the grid for the last race of the day. After the initial shock of the required 8 laps I started well and settled in at the back of the lead group. Unfortunately losing touch on lap 3 struggling again with acute stitch/cramp. The last two laps where my worst and disappointingly I had to watch 5th place pass me go into the distance.