MudSweatGears Rd7 Radical Bikes 2017

Foam pits, falls and fun in the forest.
Alison and Keith went off on the practice lap whilst I fixed the gears on Nate's bike that had gone out of sync since being bounced around at Bike Park Wales!
Mobile workshop fixed and practice lap completed we headed into the main arena with Nate already lining up the foam pit jump...
The startline for the race is a short ride from the finish line and coaching so Ali, Keith and Lils made the way to the grid up for the first races of the day. Me and Nate waited for Steve to heard the cats.. 
Nathan's report:
First in my coaching, I did a lesson on passing. Then l went to the start line. We practiced starting and racing in 4's. I really liked my race because Steve said I never gave up even though I fell over at the start. After my race I went to the foam pit with a bmx jump. Before the foam pit, I had a MASSIVE ice cream. I'm really looking forward to the last race!🤘👋
Alison got caught up in the rush for the single track and lost any chance of keeping with the pack, but consistent lap times and plenty of opportunities to practice her lines in the twisty woods kept the smiles coming..
My race was an all out blast from the gun. Forming a very pleasant riding group with Clem and Mark we counted down the laps, politely passing any back markers and slower/slowing riders whilst trying to chase down Glen who was an absolute daemon through the trees.. All bets are off on the last lap and I hit the front trying to keep the pace high without running out of energy for the final sprint. This seemed to work for me and I managed to keep 3rd place with 3,4,5 separated by 2 seconds. 

National XC Builth Wells

The final round of the National XC series was a big weekend adventure. With Alison, Nate and me racing, Keith and Tony on an adventure ride and all of us spending the last day Bike Park Wales.
The weather was very unsettled and when Alison and Keith went out on the practice lap the track conditions were as unpredictable as the welsh climate. Alison lined up on the grid and was the only only lady brave enough to tackle 2 laps in the open category. Another Podium!
Myself and Tony Waspy headed out for the afternoon practice session and just about completed a lap. After hitting the shoots, rocks, drops and gaps repeatedly to try and gain confidences on the A-Line features.
Nathans race was the last of the day using some of the main course and including a challenging little climb into the single track descent.  
Keith and Tony went out on a map reading expedition exploring the black mountains. Look Waspy no wonky helmets here...
The vets race was slightly less well attended than other rounds that I have been to. The race start was a frantic red zone dash as always and I started well, settling mid pack and feeling in good shape. Keeping the speed through technical sections until an unplanned peddle clip-out resulted in an unfortunate tumble on the last section of the rock garden. With my undercarriage taking most of the impact I could do nothing but curl up in the fetal position for what felt like eternity.. I eventually got back on the bike and rolled the B-Lines to the finish line at the back of the field. Credit to the course marshals and medics for keeping me and other riders safe.
Camp fires then railing burms at Bike park Wales, what weekends are made for!