Half Term Halloween Scare fest!

Managing to pick the the perfect day in half term to have some family MTB coaching, care of John Stockwell @ATBCoaching http://www.atbcoaching.co.uk

Optical illusion?

Turns out GAP is more than just somewhere to go shopping!

Lils dropping in!

Loads more pics and vids 

Amazing day with the whole CLAN (Craig, Lily, Ali and Nate) enjoying and progressing @Pheonix Cycleworks http://www.phoenixcycleworks.co.uk

John had a challenging brief, upskilling a 5 year old though to 45 year old from our very amusing riding questionaires! Massive kudos again to John for sticking with us and keeping us all entertained :) 

Eastern Cyclocross @WGC on MTB's

Eastern Cyclocross @WGC on MTB's

Our first adventure into cyclocross was a wet one. The venue was local to us and appropriately we setup camp matching the weather @ Stanbourgh lakes .. 
 Nate typically too kool in baggies and a T 
 Ali looking race ready 
 Post race splashing in the puddles wasn't for everyone