Coast to coast 2019 the bikes made it, bodies and minds followed later on.

Wobbly helmet waspy did an amazing job organising 6 idiots on bikes around the norf of England. 

What time is it?

MudSweatGears RD8 Phoenix 2019 and Overall Series

MudSweatGears RD8 Phoenix 2019


Alison - 2nd 

Nate - 13th 

Craig - 4th 

MSG Overall: Series results discounting 2 worst round results.. 

Alison 1st place in the Sport Women 2nd year in a row 

Nate - 13th not bad for the 1st year in U12's 

Craig - 2nd ;) 

Big Bike Bash 2019

Big Bike Bash 2019
Commentary by Nathan 
Another amazing Bank holiday weekend: 
 BBB was SO FUN! it was an amazing experience (as always) here's Lily (my sister), #Red tongue!
 Here's me turning round a corner in my race (I know, boring) BUT... I threw up in that race and couldn't win it...>:( (I was leading from the start)
 I'm throwing up somewhere in this picture. >:(
 here's me in my bike race again... I'M SO MAD I LOST THAT RACE BECAUSE I THREW UP!!!!!!!!!!! >:( x infinity
 #SERIOUS FACE!!!!!!*background rock music*
 Flying? Whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????? Does my sister secretly have mutant powers?
Nan and Pops having fun 

MudSweatGears RD7 Radical 2019

MudSweatGears RD7 Radical 2019


Alison 4th 

Nate DNF - snapped rear mech 

Lils - first ever coaching session :) 

Craig - 6th new bike day 

Cheeky Chicksands

Cheeky Chicksands

Nate following Chris down the jump line 

Mardley loops drops

Mardley loops drops
Commentary by Nathan 
 Wow! That's a tough climb! you never know if you're gonna make it or not, it depends how you approach it. I didn't quite get it that time, I don't think, but it is a very bracing climb.
That drop is SICK! it isn't the most challenging ever but it is really fun. there's a root that sticks out and can kick your back wheel if you have your back suspension (if you have it) if it's set to come straight back up after impact. 
Pushing the limits: That drop is LIT! The first time I did it I was SO SCARED! But now I can do it easily but you have to practise A LOT to do it. (Practice makes perfect!)  

HSBC UK National Cross Country Champs at Cannock 2019

HSBC UK National Cross Country Champs at Cannock 2019

OMG! it was so nice but then suddenly (right before my race, of course, just my luck) out of nowhere it started raining. Wow. I did well in the race mostly because the rain cooled me down. Well what do you know, the rain was lucky after all... anyway, it was really fun, and we even got milkshakes! (they were amazing!) :)

Weather didn't stay like this!


Annual pilgrimage to the French Alps

Gallery not responsible for all the photos...

MSG and Nationals @Thickthorn 2019

The rose between two Thickthorns ... MSG and Nationals 2019

 Ali on the start line ready for back to back wins at Thickthorn
 Nate testing out the couching staff
 Keeping it very serious on the start line with Clem TeamHKR
 Wheelie over the line at nationals 
 Ice cream was on the menu at a scorcher of a weekend  

HSBC UK National Cross Country Series Round 3 at Cannock 2019

HSBC UK National Cross Country Series Round 3 at Cannock 2019

 Lils and teddy getting used to Cannock downhills 
 Nate always finds time to style it out 
Alison pushing through the tough/muddy/challenging course to Fun 1st place 
Another sub top 20 position is a result but it could have been a couple more places if i hadn't made a poor refuelling decision 17th 

MudSweatGears RD4 Carver 2019

MudSweatGears RD4 Carver 2019

 Nate had a great race and is really learning how to pace himself in the U12 age cat . 
 Alison's day didn't start well with a small off into a tree on one of the technical off camber sections and in turn knocking any pre-race confidence. Still had a good race finished 2nd in the region.
Starting on the front row is always going to be an advantage @Carver if you can keep threshold into the woods .. I managed to keep the momentum with a couple of the faster riders being able to keep more speed than me through the tight single-track and eventually coming home in 5th.

HSBC UK National Cross Country Series Round 2 at Hadleigh Park 2019

HSBC UK National Cross Country Series Round 2 at Hadleigh Park 2019

 Nate At the start of his u12 race, included some of the Olympic XC course 
Finishing after a brutal grassy climb
 Ali and Justin gridding up for the Fun race 
 Justin's first XC race and a string mid pack finish 
 Ali on the retro > new 27.5 Whyte 19Ti Hardtail = 1st fun female
Triple trouble to 12th, best result in the nationals to date