Big Bike Bash 2019

Big Bike Bash 2019
Commentary by Nathan 
Another amazing Bank holiday weekend: 
 BBB was SO FUN! it was an amazing experience (as always) here's Lily (my sister), #Red tongue!
 Here's me turning round a corner in my race (I know, boring) BUT... I threw up in that race and couldn't win it...>:( (I was leading from the start)
 I'm throwing up somewhere in this picture. >:(
 here's me in my bike race again... I'M SO MAD I LOST THAT RACE BECAUSE I THREW UP!!!!!!!!!!! >:( x infinity
 #SERIOUS FACE!!!!!!*background rock music*
 Flying? Whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????? Does my sister secretly have mutant powers?
Nan and Pops having fun