MudSweatGears RD1 Haughley Park 2021 - the wake up!

MudSweatGears RD1 Haughley Park 2021

A very safe, welcome return to racing and some normality with MSG.

Category 1 for the women's and Ali was our first event. Testing the new bike for real and running well. This was after the very well attended male cat3s and 4s who loosened up the ground nicely. 

Nate was next up with an amazing result in the u13s gridded from the back and picking his way through the pack to a sprint finish to 8th place. 

I was the last out and was late into the socially distanced paddock. Thankfully gridded on the front row of the cat1 males. This wasn't expected but always happy to be there. With current form and returning from shoulder reconstruction / rehab, I settled into the pack and was extremely happy to finish with some good lap consistency and remain injury free.


John Styles
My pictures are on Flickr, for the morning races and, for the afternoon races.

Easter leggs

 Along with the easing of lockdown, we were able to visit some local bike parks.

The first week we manged to book session at 

The second week we entertain ourselves at

Gap line and new bike day