MudSweatGears RD2 Twisted Oaks 2021 - the slip up!

MudSweatGears RD2 Twisted Oaks 2021

Round2 at Twisted Oaks was a new venue on the circuit and with all the trail features and jump lines available its was an excuse to pack the bouncer for Nate to have some fun post race. 

Using most of the XC loop with some great single-track and introducing a couple of leg busting climbs it suited both Ali and myself, although Nate wasn't so sure ;). We both did the same laps as the leaders, but unfortunately we didn't make the timing cut off.. 

At the end of Alison's race and the beginning of Nate the heavens opened and a mad dash back to the van for the rain coats ...

Nate likes the downs more then the ups! 

With the race start going straight up the start/finish climb and into a narrow bus stop bomb hole, getting into the front pack was essential to avoid any collisions or dismounts.