National champs 2021 Newnham Park - Plymouth

XC National Champs 2021 Newnham Park - Plymouth

Taking the opportunity to attend the national champs and spend a family holiday on the coast.  

The week started with a long drive down to the event for a Friday night track walk, needing to stetch the legs after the journey. Having accidently missed reviewing the rock garden an essential pre-race pactice lap and line choice on Saturday morning.

First up was Alison in the open category passing nearly half the men from the back of the grid and taking the win - photo from 

Richard Howes Photography 

Having only raced MSG this year I had no BC points and started on the back row of the grid in 38th place. Avoiding the risk of the rock garden and putting the effort into the many climbs I progressed my way up the field. Finishing 15th on the road and 8th in the age category. My best result ever at a national champs.

Never a dull moment with these around ....