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Mulch and ramp = Happy Nate

The life of a rider

Hi, I’m back!
I don’t do karate anymore but I do parkour, rugby and I’m in a band. We’re called “Lightning Strike.” I love riding and I’ve been all round the world! (pretty much all round the world) When we go to our Nanny and pops’ in Dorset we sometimes go to the Big Bike Bash (I love the rock music) 😊 I like MSG coaching sessions with head coach Steve. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!      


Hi, I'm Nathan. I am 7 and 3/4, my birthday is in February. My mum is Alison Goss and my dad is Craig Gunnell. I absolutely love riding! Next season of riding I will be 8 years old. I also do karate and I am an orange belt. I play rugby for my local club. I am in Year 3 at school and I have lots of friends. I like jumps and I jump them on my bike!